It’s Time to Come Back

Hi everyone. First off, sorry it’s been so long! Physical ailments have complicated some of my Summer. But nevertheless, I’m back, and Void Domain eM is coming back. This Tuesday actually (July 28th, 2015). I feel I accomplished a lot in my time off, and learned a lot about what VDM needs. That was the point of this break, to take a step back and a hard look at some of the gaps in the storytelling. With that in mind, there are some edits and additions to the first two parts of the Into the Void storyline. What I’ll be doing is taking down all of Into the Void and each week I’ll repost already done stuff up to a new addition area. I’ll post the new additions at the same rate as I’d normally post. I know it sounds somewhat confusing, but it’ll make some sense when I get started. By the end of Summer we should be back caught up to where we were pre-break.

I’ll also be continuing to do the weekly updates in black and white. Right now it’s what’s going to help me keep updating on a weekly schedule, which is important. What I am going to try to do is one Wednesday a month make a “color day” where I’ll post updated color versions of already posted panels. So unless and until this was my day job the color part will probably always be a little behind. But at least everything will eventually be colored.

I’m excited to be getting back to the grindstone. My hand is healed (long story*) and I’m ready to go! As always, to keep up with all these updates there’s an RSS feed, Twitter feed, Comic Rocket page, and Tumblr page. Plus I’m looking at getting on some other places, like Taptastic and Facebook. Basically, my goal is to make it easy to read VDM EVERYWHERE. Not that I’ll be abandoning the proper site. This site will always be the comic’s home base. Once the comic is up and running smooth again I’ll be looking at adding more extra content to the site. Art, character bios, universe building. Stuff like that. But until then, see everyone this Tuesday!

*It’s really not a long story. Gashed my hand bad when a glass broke while doing dishes. It’s just a LAME story.

No Comic Coming This Week, But Maybe a Hard Truth

So I’ve been gathering feedback on VDM, and I’m ready to layout/face some hard truth about the project. First hard truth, honestly, is that I’m mostly writing this newspost to myself, and a scant handful of readers. If you’ve read VDM, I sincerely thank you, but I have the numbers for the site, and not many people have. Void Domain eM has been live for about 14 months now, and it hasn’t really grown. I take full responsibility on many fronts for that. But the lack of growth is a blessing as well as a curse. It means I don’t feel too bad about taking the time to tinker and make the changes I need to get the comic on the right track. So that’s what I’m going to do.

For those interested I’ll go into some detail into what I’ll be tinkering with, but first I’m going get the important thing anyone reading will probably want to know: when’s the comic going to start updating again. I don’t have a “hard date”, but my plan is to take a good month or so to get some of the updates and changes done/off the ground. So likely around the end of June to early July time range. I’m going to try something different when I come back though. I’m ditching weekly comic strips, and going with monthly comic updates instead. Weekly or more works well for comic strips/gag-a-day comics, but VDM is a continuous narrative. Reading larger chunks all at once every month seems like a better way to deliver the story then drip feeding every week. We’ll see. The point is, when VDM comes back I’ll be experimenting with the release format a bit.

Now, what else am I messing with? Well, for the most part, the pages and story that’s already up won’t be changed. I WILL be coloring it though. I’m going to try to get back to coloring the comic. There’s just no getting around how much punchier the pages look in color. And I still draw it like it’s meant to be colored. I just need to sit down and figure out how to keep my pace up with the coloring. But I should be able to do it. And I’m going to try to force myself to.

I’ll also be inserting some scenes into the first two parts of “Into the Void”, which encompasses what’s currently up on the site. There’s a few gaps in the plotting. Some stuff ended up on the cutting room floor to keep the story flow strong, but honestly the comic would benefit from some of these scenes coming back, as well as a couple new scenes to make the plot clearer.

There’s some other minor stuff I’ll be working on here and there, to help the comic be stronger. I’m really optimistic with what I’ve already done, I just need to flesh it out a bit around some of the edges. So I figure might as well do that now rather then when it gets too big and unwieldy.

Not going to let this site go completely dormant though. I’ll find some content to continually toss up while the comic goes through it’s second edit. I guess that’s what this really is. I’m editing and revising the script. I’m just doing it publicly. Which is a bit of a weird feeling. But I guess everything’s public nowadays.