Strip 37 is Up!

Strip 37

Whew! Today’s strip brings us to the end of a very successful March! I managed to get six strips up during the month, which is quite pleasing. I’ve also been able to continue my streak of getting a comic up every week. Yes, some were late, but it’s been seven weeks now since I’ve fully missed a week. Sorry to keep dwelling on that. It’s just that getting and maintaining a regular update schedule has been a process for me since the launch of Void Domain eM a year ago, and it’s encouraging to actually be getting them done every week. Onto a good April!

Strip 36 is Up!

Strip 36

Whew, wasn’t sure I was going to get it up on time. But I somehow managed to get the whole update done in a day! Update’s up on time, feels pretty good.

I’m pleased with the way March has panned out for VDM. Even with the update schedule finding some consistency last fall, previously my best month had 3 updates. March has 5, with an opportunity for one more if I can actually get it up on time next week. Liking this momentum!

Strip 35 is Up!

Strip 35

Special weekend update! Sadly it’s only because I didn’t manage to get this week’s comic during the week. But I didn’t want to miss the week entirely. So getting strip 35 up now, and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, I can get 36 done by Tuesday. That’s only two days away though, so we’ll see!