Strip 25 is Up!

Strip 25

A day late, I admit. I blame the holidays. Stupid holidays.

Strip 25 brings us to the last new strip of 2014! Twenty five strips since March is a pretty okay clip. I’m proud of my first year of getting back into regular comic making. I got a lot of the kinks worked out of my production schedule, and have been able to get on some pretty consistent runs for most of the fall. Now it’s time to focus on Christmas and families though. BUT, just because I won’t be updating the comic for the next two weeks doesn’t mean I won’t be working on the comic. Also, I plan to try to put up some miscellaneous art just for fun. Check back here or follow VDM on Twitter or RSS to keep up.

Knowing me I’ll also have more sentimental blog posts for Christmas and New Year’s, but it all depends on if the mood strikes me. For now, just let me say, have a safe and happy holiday season, and make sure to be back here on January 6, 2015 for a brand new comic!

Strip 24 is Up!

Strip 24

So some good news and bad news. Good news is, there WILL be a comic next week! Yay! Bad news is, it’ll be the last comic of the year. Next week is doable, but week after I’ll be too busy getting ready for Christmas, and then the week after that I’ll be too busy recovering from Christmas/getting ready for New Year’s Eve. Time won’t be a complete loss though, should allow me to get a head start on next year’s comics. See you next week!

Con Recap: VA Comicon 2014


This past weekend (Nov 22-23, 2014) I made my way to VA Comicon in Richmond, VA and I had a FANTASTIC time. This was the second year of VA Comicon doing a two day show, after almost 30 years of doing single afternoon shows. I went to 2013’s 2-Day VA Comicon and it was a lot of fun, but this year was bigger and better in every imaginable way. The Exhibitor hall was bigger and better arranged, they had a better set up for panels, there were more panels, and just overall there was a lot more to see and do. If making it to central Virginia isn’t super hard I highly recommend coming out to VA Comicon’s 2-Day cons, even if just for one of the days, pretty sure you’ll be happy.

– Found out about a wonderful webcomic called Time for Hugs by Scott Markley. The comic’s about Death’s younger brothers Unconscious and Itchy, and Unconscious’ quest to become stronger than his older brother Death. Hijinks ensue. Got to talk to Scott for a while and I can confirm that the’s he’s a pretty swell dude.

– Met the lovely couple Taylor and Jennifer Shaw Cottingham at the convention. Taylor had a table set up to sell and promote his cool art. And he also has a Tumblr to do the same!

– The great Steve Rude also attended the con to give two fantastic art demonstrations! It was really exhilarating watching him work. And the wisdom he imparted on me, and everyone he talked to, just truly inspiring. I also had the incredible fortune to be able to talk to Steve at his table on the show floor for a few minutes. He’s just a genuinely wonderful person to be around and talk to. So much positivity.

Steve Rude drawing Jennifer Cottingham during an art demo.

Steve Rude drawing Jennifer Cottingham during an art demo.

– Got to meet author S. Usher Evans and pick up her book Double Life: Book 1 of the Razia Series. So far I’m really enjoying it!

– Finally picked up David A. Landis’ Desktop Gremlins Vol. 1, which is a great papercraft book full of cute, easy-to-assemble paper sculptures. I’ve been eying it for a few cons now, finally went ahead and grabbed one.

– Sat in on the podcast recording of TV and webshow, the Fantastic Forum. The panel they did for the podcast was really great discussion, thus I’ve started catching up on all their episodes that are available online.

– Also got art from Angela McKendrick. I love her minimalist style.

Batman and Harley Quinn by Angela McKendrick

Batman and Harley Quinn by Angela McKendrick

Captain Marvel by Angel McKendrick and Captain Marvel by Taylor Cottingham

Captain Marvel by Angel McKendrick and Captain Marvel by Taylor Cottingham

– Within VA Comicon was a mini anime con, organized by Anime Mid-Atlantic! Called AMA 1/2: Third Strike, they had their own section of the exhibition hall, their own cosplay show, and their own block of panel content. It was really great seeing AMA back in Richmond, even if in a limited capacity. I just hope it was a successful arrangement for both AMA and VA Comicon, because I’d LOVE to see AMA 1/2 be a permanent fixture of VA Comicon.

Sadly there were dozens and dozens and hundreds of great artists and people that I don’t have the space or time to mention. It was a great weekend at a great con with a great atmosphere. Something I noticed really strongly at VA Comicon was just a general air of niceness and positivity. It was just about a couple thousand anime and comic and video game and sci-fi and fantasy and horror fans gathering to love their hobbies, together. The crowd was diverse and varied in every way imaginable and everyone just seemed happy to be there. And honestly, being a part of that was something I needed. There’s been a lot of negativity flaring up in various geek and nerd centric communities on the internet, and sometimes you need a reminder that the internet isn’t quite real life.

This adorable Batman came from Mallory Metcalf at Ductile Creations.

2014’s Remaining Update Schedule

Just like that, we’re in the middle of November! With holidays and events right around the corner VDM’s update schedule is going to get a little spotty for the rest of November and December. Easiest way to keep when the comic gets updated is simply follow VDM on Twitter @voiddomainem or subscribe to the RSS Feed. But just to give everyone a heads up, here’s what the rest of the year’s schedule will probably look like.

11/18 - That’s tomorrow! Sadly no comic this week. VA Comicon is coming up this weekend (11/22-11/23), which I’ll be going to. Just as a fan, not exhibiting. Hopefully I’ll be ready for that next year. I do plan on bring my portfolio and comic pages though, so planning for the event has taken some of my work time from me. I could basically have an update ready for tomorrow OR next week, and I’d rather just have it ready for next week. So…
11/25 - Yes there will be a comic.
12/2 - Yep another comic.
12/9 - Yes a comic here too.
12/16 - Maybe. The weekend before the sixteenth is the wife and mine’s mini-vacation that we’re taking in an attempt to not get overwhelmed by Christmas, so we’ll see how much work I can get done beforehand. I’d like to still get a comic up because…
12/23 - Hahaha, the week of Christmas? No comic this week, every not busy moment will be occupied with sleep, not art.
12/30 - Again, most likely no comic due to the holidays.

So that takes us through the end of 2014. If I can get the three more planned comics done in the last six-ish weeks of the year I’ll be happy. Overall I’m pleased with how VDM’s started off in 2014. Looking forward to finishing the year strong and then ramping up into overdrive in 2015!