VDM is Up and Running!

Welcome to the first official day of Void Domain eM, the new sci-fi comic series about the most notorious data thieves on late 22nd century Mars. Comic updates will happen every Tuesday. Slowly over the course of Spring I’ll also be adding content to the site, FAQs, character bios, bonus art, etc. Those kinds of updates may happen any time during the week.

Good news is that it’s easy to keep track of updates to the comic and site! You can follow me @LTDementis on Twitter. I’ll always talk about new VDM updates, as well as my video game projects and other random thoughts. You can also follow the comic @voiddomainem on Twitter if you want just news about the comic. There’s also the VDM RSS news feed, which will keep you update about the site. And finally, VDM has it’s own Tumblr, where I’ll also be posting the comic strips. All of these links can be found anytime at the right side of the site.

Now that the comic is up and running, I suppose I should stop rambling and get back to drawing more! See you next week!

One Month Until Launch

I’m in the home stretch now. In exactly four weeks Void Domain eM will officially launch. Over the next month I’ll be hard at work trying to build a buffer of comics and add little bells and whistles to the site. Make sure to stop back on March 11th!