Strip 36 is Up!

Strip 36

Whew, wasn’t sure I was going to get it up on time. But I somehow managed to get the whole update done in a day! Update’s up on time, feels pretty good.

I’m pleased with the way March has panned out for VDM. Even with the update schedule finding some consistency last fall, previously my best month had 3 updates. March has 5, with an opportunity for one more if I can actually get it up on time next week. Liking this momentum!

Strip 35 is Up!

Strip 35

Special weekend update! Sadly it’s only because I didn’t manage to get this week’s comic during the week. But I didn’t want to miss the week entirely. So getting strip 35 up now, and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, I can get 36 done by Tuesday. That’s only two days away though, so we’ll see!

VDM Turns One!

So this week, Wednesday March 11th to be exact, was the one year anniversary of VDM’s official launch. Void Domain eM has had a quiet first year, but I’m proud of where it, and I, am! It had been years since I tried doing comics. early 2010 to be exact, and that was just a brief few months. And before that 2008 was the last time I was making comics with any regularity. Finally making that commitment to start making them again was pretty scary at first. I’m really happy with the first year’s result though! I feel like I’m finally back to where I was before I ‘quit’ the last time in 2010.

When I decided to get back into doing comics I knew it’d be a slow, uphill journey, and I’ve made peace with that. I have a “day job” in the retail/service field. I’m also working hard with my friend/business partner Marie Barnes making games under our label Midnight Penguin. I need my day job to pay the bills. I also need to make video games with Marie. My drive to design games is about equal with comics. I consider VDM to be a part of our Midnight Penguin venture, because it’s all equally important to me.

All of that is to say that I’m fully aware that VDM is still small. Small in content size, readership, buzz. And I get why! That’s only part of the story though. I mean, there are plenty of other creators juggling multiple projects and other commitments. That doesn’t make me special. No, VDM isn’t still small because I’m being pulled in multiple directions. It’s small because I haven’t put the effort into growing it. Some of that is by design. I wanted to have a decent archive before really putting the comic out there. Some of it though is also laziness. And more importantly, some of it has been fear. The basic fears I think most creative people struggle with. What if nobody likes it? What if nobody cares? What if everyone realizes I’m in over my head? What if I’m not ready? Well, year two of VDM is going to be about facing those fears.

What that can mean though is, nebulous still right now. I know for sure that it means that I’m going to try to start going to regional conventions by the end of the year. There should be some in my state around September – November. I also know for sure that it’s time to really start putting myself, and VDM, out there. I’ll start devising a plan on that this month. Right now I’m stating it here mainly to push me to try to keep up with it as a commitment. In a lot of ways 2014 was me and Midnight Penguin getting back on our feet and finding new footing. Time to begin the next phase, which is actually stepping out into the public.

You know, when I decided to write this post I thought I’d be more sentimental and reflective. But, really, you only get reflective on things that have passed. Yes, the first year of VDM has passed, but it doesn’t feel like something that’s “over” though, it just feels like the first chapter of a grand new story. I like where I’m at right now, so let’s get to telling that story.

Strip 33 is Up!

Strip 33

So Wednesday is the ONE YEAR anniversary of VDM! Despite the struggles early on, I’m proud that I’ve kept the comic going for a whole year now. Think I’ll do a post reflecting on my first year drawing comics again sometime this week. I’d like to say that I’ll have some extra art or strips up, but since I’ve just gotten myself back to updating on time, don’t want to make promises I may not be able to keep. For now, I’m thinking that since I’ve built up a bit of an archive the next few months will be a good time to actually start promoting the comic. Guess it’s time to start devising a promotion plan.