I Just Want to Doodle All the Time

Okay, so that’s not true. Honestly one of the things that have always held me back is that it’s sometimes hard to get me to start drawing. I have bad practice habits is what I’m saying. But I’ve been looking to change that! Even though I was on a “break” in December, I committed to do December Doodles, where I drew at least one thing every day in December. And it went well! You can check out some of them over on my Tumblr.

But now I’m facing down a bigger challenge. After the success of one month, I feel comfortable pushing myself farther. Hence, I give you:

Yep, I’m doing Daily Doodle 2015, wherein I attempt to make sure to draw at least something EVERY DAY for the entire year of 2015. I think 2015’s going to be a good year for me overall, and if I can use this to help get me kick started into practicing art every day (like an artist should), then all the better!

If you’re interested in checking out some of my Daily Doodles, some of which will be pretty good, some of which will be super rough, you can do so at my Tumblr blog or on Deviantart, where I have a dedicated folder for them.

Con Recap: VA Comicon 2014


This past weekend (Nov 22-23, 2014) I made my way to VA Comicon in Richmond, VA and I had a FANTASTIC time. This was the second year of VA Comicon doing a two day show, after almost 30 years of doing single afternoon shows. I went to 2013’s 2-Day VA Comicon and it was a lot of fun, but this year was bigger and better in every imaginable way. The Exhibitor hall was bigger and better arranged, they had a better set up for panels, there were more panels, and just overall there was a lot more to see and do. If making it to central Virginia isn’t super hard I highly recommend coming out to VA Comicon’s 2-Day cons, even if just for one of the days, pretty sure you’ll be happy.

– Found out about a wonderful webcomic called Time for Hugs by Scott Markley. The comic’s about Death’s younger brothers Unconscious and Itchy, and Unconscious’ quest to become stronger than his older brother Death. Hijinks ensue. Got to talk to Scott for a while and I can confirm that the’s he’s a pretty swell dude.

– Met the lovely couple Taylor and Jennifer Shaw Cottingham at the convention. Taylor had a table set up to sell and promote his cool art. And he also has a Tumblr to do the same!

– The great Steve Rude also attended the con to give two fantastic art demonstrations! It was really exhilarating watching him work. And the wisdom he imparted on me, and everyone he talked to, just truly inspiring. I also had the incredible fortune to be able to talk to Steve at his table on the show floor for a few minutes. He’s just a genuinely wonderful person to be around and talk to. So much positivity.

Steve Rude drawing Jennifer Cottingham during an art demo.

Steve Rude drawing Jennifer Cottingham during an art demo.

– Got to meet author S. Usher Evans and pick up her book Double Life: Book 1 of the Razia Series. So far I’m really enjoying it!

– Finally picked up David A. Landis’ Desktop Gremlins Vol. 1, which is a great papercraft book full of cute, easy-to-assemble paper sculptures. I’ve been eying it for a few cons now, finally went ahead and grabbed one.

– Sat in on the podcast recording of TV and webshow, the Fantastic Forum. The panel they did for the podcast was really great discussion, thus I’ve started catching up on all their episodes that are available online.

– Also got art from Angela McKendrick. I love her minimalist style.

Batman and Harley Quinn by Angela McKendrick

Batman and Harley Quinn by Angela McKendrick

Captain Marvel by Angel McKendrick and Captain Marvel by Taylor Cottingham

Captain Marvel by Angel McKendrick and Captain Marvel by Taylor Cottingham

– Within VA Comicon was a mini anime con, organized by Anime Mid-Atlantic! Called AMA 1/2: Third Strike, they had their own section of the exhibition hall, their own cosplay show, and their own block of panel content. It was really great seeing AMA back in Richmond, even if in a limited capacity. I just hope it was a successful arrangement for both AMA and VA Comicon, because I’d LOVE to see AMA 1/2 be a permanent fixture of VA Comicon.

Sadly there were dozens and dozens and hundreds of great artists and people that I don’t have the space or time to mention. It was a great weekend at a great con with a great atmosphere. Something I noticed really strongly at VA Comicon was just a general air of niceness and positivity. It was just about a couple thousand anime and comic and video game and sci-fi and fantasy and horror fans gathering to love their hobbies, together. The crowd was diverse and varied in every way imaginable and everyone just seemed happy to be there. And honestly, being a part of that was something I needed. There’s been a lot of negativity flaring up in various geek and nerd centric communities on the internet, and sometimes you need a reminder that the internet isn’t quite real life.

This adorable Batman came from Mallory Metcalf at Ductile Creations.